British bikes from the 50's & 60's with clip-on handlebars & single seats, evoking memories of rock'n'roll, rockers and coffee bars. We play hot rhythm & blues from this golden era, with just a little rock'n'roll on the sideā€¦just for good measure.

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Current CDs

Demo Disc

CD Cover

Our new demo disc is available free of charge to potential bookers of the band. Get in touch via : with details of the venue and potential dates and and we'll send a copy by post or electronically by MP3 file direct to your e-mail address.

L'arc de Triumph

CD Cover

The CD was recorded as a live studio session on the 3rd & 4th July 2006 at Tweeters Studios, Leatherhead, Surrey. The CD was produced by Cafe Racers with the assistance of Nigel Wade who engineered the CD. Our intentions were to create a live and energetic feel to the album so as to reflect how we sound when performing gigs.

The Band

Dominic - lead guitar and vocals

Tony - bass guitar

Rudy - Drums

Doogy - Drums

Gig Photos

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